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Serving PRC's since 1981.

Keener Marketing proudly stands with pregnancy resource centers in the fight for life. The Women's Care Center of Rhea County began right here in the Keener Marketing front office. Although it quickly outgrew our facility, it now has three locations of its own, it remains close to our hearts. We appreciate the important work they do to save the souls of hurting women and the lives of their unborn children. They stand on the front lines and we are committed to do everything we can to equip them for battle.

We've come to realize that each pregnancy center has unique needs, but what they share is a tight budget. As a result we allow each center to customize our stock designs. This allows them access to a professional image minus the high price tag. They get a marketing piece that truly reflects the heart of their ministry instead of settling for a cookie cutter design they can afford. We offer the option of adding a logo, editing the text, and replacing photos to fit each demographic.