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COVID-19 Custom Materials

Keeping distant while staying connected

Our mission is to help your ministry at all times and this new situation due to COVID-19 is no different. We are scrambling to help centers to keep contact with their donors and volunteers during these times of social distancing. We are doing all we can to help each center to continue to provide the vital, life saving services.

Please contact us if you have a need. Each center is different and faces different challenges. We are here to help you find ways to overcome your challenges.

Here are a few of the things we have come up with that are available to be customized for your center.

COVID-19 Videos





COVID-19 Ads


COVID-19 T-Shirt


Text on custom printed items is fully editable at no extra charge, and colors and photos can be replaced to suit your needs (fees may apply). This does not apply to stock items (already printed.) *Please note that free customization comes with a purchase. If you decide to cancel your order after proofs have been created, a set up fee may be charged.

Keener Marketing, Inc. copyrights all our designs. They can not be printed or reproduced without written permission. Because we want to be a service to the pregnancy centers, we do allow centers with printers who donate their services or give them a special price, to purchase the pdf to print locally. If you would like to purchase the pdf, see the pdf pricing, or call for a quote.

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