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Poster Prices

All posters are customized with your text and are available in 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17 sizes. Our posters are printed in full color on card stock. Optional 3.5” x 2” tear-off pad is printed in black ink on one side and has 50 sheets. Prices include customized text on poster & tear-off.

Designs can be combined to reach price breaks. $22 set-up fee if ordering more than 3 different poster designs. Minimum order of $20.

New low prices on 11x17 posters with tear-off pads!

Poster Prices
Quantity 8.5 x 11
no tear-offs
8.5 x 11
with tear-offs
11 x 17
no tear-offs
11 x 17
with tear-offs
5-9 $1.82 $5.15 $2.13 $5.45
10-24 $1.54 $4.55 $1.82 $4.84
25-49 $1.54 $3.94 $1.82 $4.24
50-99 $1.43 $3.34 $1.64 $3.63
100+ $1.21 $2.73 $1.52 $3.03
Replacement or extra Tear-offs: $2.19 each
Color Tear-offs: $2.48 each

Lamination: Need to put your posters outside or want to make them last as long as possible? Add lamination. $1.10 for 8.5 x 11 or $2.50 for 11x17. Minimum order $5.

Other Poster Styles Available:

Text on custom printed items is fully editable at no extra charge, and colors and photos can be replaced to suit your needs (fees may apply). This does not apply to stock items (already printed.) *Please note that free customization comes with a purchase. If you decide to cancel your order after proofs have been created, a set up fee may be charged.

Keener Marketing, Inc. copyrights all our designs. They can not be printed or reproduced without written permission. Because we want to be a service to the pregnancy centers, we do allow centers with printers who donate their services or give them a special price, to purchase the pdf to print locally. If you would like to purchase the pdf, see the pdf pricing, or call for a quote.

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